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      Start your own profitable computer repairs software business today!

Programs4Less is your source for quality wholesale, rebrandable computer software. Here you'll find useful computer repairs software products which can be branded to your identity.

Selling your own software is an excellent way to produce a part or full-time income. The idea is simple: 1) - Buy rebrandable software at wholesale prices, with the programs being customized(rebranded) with your name and/or company name, website URL, and other details as applicable. 2) - Resell the programs yourself at a profit for whatever amount you wish - you get full resale rights with every purchase. You can sell or even give away as promotions as many copies of your programs as you wish. Typically computer repair providers might onsell software to their customers when fixing their computer. An Ipswich based computer repairs service Computer Fixperts Ipswich is an example of that.

Example: Lets say that you buy a computer repairs program from us and have it rebranded with a program name of your choice, with you as the program's author, and links to your website (if applicable), for $29.95. You then decide to resell your new program for $9.99 per copy. You only need to sell 3 copies to make $29.97. You have just recovered your initial investment, and all future copies of your program which you sell are pure profit.

You can set the selling price of these program(s) to any amount you wish. In the above example, if you had decided to resell your program for $29.99 per copy, then you would have recovered your investment on the first sale!

Worried about competition? Don't. The Internet is a very big marketplace. With proper promotion, you should have no trouble selling your programs. Sell just a few copies each month, and you have extra income. The more programs which you have to sell, the more money you can make. 

Imagine selling your very own software titles - branded with your name and website link - you set your own selling prices and keep 100% of your profit!

Some of our programs also make excellent promotional giveaways as well. i.e - you buy the program(s) from us, rebranded for you or your company, and offer them as free giveaways if your customer purchases other things, or a certain amount, etc. or simply use them as incentives to draw visitors to your website. We develop and add new programs frequently, so you have more to offer your customers.

The concept of rebranding is certainly nothing new. Successful companies such as Radio Shack®, Sears® and K-mart® have been doing it for decades. These companies realized long ago that they could profit quite nicely from the resale of goods which they would buy wholesale and have customized with their name(s) and logos. They have teams of wholesale buyers who regularly scout the globe looking for good rebrandable products to buy and resell.

At Programs4Less, we manufacture and supply quality software products for you to treat as your own. When you buy a software program from us, you get:

  • A quality program to distribute as you wish. Programs are delivered in compiled .exe format, ready to install.

  • Customization(rebranding) of each program and installer to include your name or company name, logo(optional), and website link. All references to Programs4Less are removed from the software so that the program appears to have been written by you or your company.

  • Product Support - You may contact us at any time via email, using the form on our support page. Your message will be acknowledged by an actual person, and answers to your concerns will be supplied as quickly as possible, usually within minutes or several hours. We also maintain a FAQ page which answers some common questions.



  The programs that are offered here are written by our own programmers. This means that they are genuine products and are not generated by some cheap code-generator program which may not generate programs which are stable and reliable. Our products are written in a variety of programming languages, and the tools which we use are fully licensed, professional tools. This helps to insure that you get quality software to use as promotional items or to resell. After all, if a program which you are selling or giving away does not function as intended, then it affects the reputations of both you or your company AND us. Obviously we may not always catch every single bug or detail, but we really do do our best and we have a support page so that you can tell us things. If you have read this far then we thank you and wish you great success with our products.


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